Monday, 16 September 2013

Very Temporary Pink Hair! (& OOTD)

Helloooo there

I've decided to do a little post on wash in wash out pink hair dye! I contemplated dip dying my hair pink a while ago, but my fear of looking like some sort of old school punk/emo kid and not being able to do anything about it put me off the idea. Instead, I decided to try out a few different wash in wash out dyes over the past few weeks!

On Friday I popped to Topshop, and whilst queing, came across something quite remarkable. Topshop queue lines and I have a love/hate relationship. Love, because I love everything in their cleverly stacked isles...the cute little purses, colourful nail varnishes, frilly socks, sweets and 'skinny' popcorn. Hate, because they are made for girls like me with absolutely no will power and a love of anything pretty/yummy...and my poor bank card pays for it...bye bye monies.

So this is what I found and purchased in the queue on Friday: 

I decided to try it out for Carolines 21st birthday partaaay on Saturday. You literally draw it onto your hair. I did it when mine was damp as it says the colour comes out more when wet, and my hair is pretttty dark. 

My sister helped me out...and this was the result...

I found the chalk really really crumbly and messy. I wouldn't be surprised if more of it ended up on my bed, my rug and my floor than in my actual hair! 

A few weeks ago for Carnival, I used the below instant spray dye. I found that this one worked much better as it was so much easier to apply, and so much less effort and less messy. 

Just after applying it, it looked like this...

I was happy with the result, but it definitely faded throughout the night! 


Nail gems on my eyes...and what?

Outfit of the Day

Recently I've become a bit obsessed with two girls and their blogs and YouTube channels: 

Zoella (who was lucky enough to interview ONE DIRECTION)
Tanya Burr (amazing, cute and down to earth makeup artist)

Not gonna lie, I saw this playsuit on Tanya and needed it in my life. I found it on the River Island website for £45.00 (I think it's now sold out as it's no longer on the website).

 I looove it. As well as being comfy, it makes a nice change from my standard shorter/skimpier outfit choices for a night out.

Shoes- Ebay

Necklace- Topshop
Clutch- Accessorize
Pearl Ring- Car Boot 

The pink hair was fun while it lasted, but I am happy to have my 'mars bar' dip dye back! (thanks Joely)