Wednesday, 11 September 2013

A Random Night at Rose Club

  Friday night involved myself, Laura, Neena, Ellie, and a trip to the well known 
 Rose Club in Oxford Street!

Outfit of the Eve

Clutch- Topshop
Wedges- New Look
Ring- Car Boot
Watch- Michael Kors

I met the girls at Bond Street Station read to party party party...
and this, we definitely did.

Vodka on Ice Ice Babyyy

The beginning- slightly more composed!

The lovely Neena knows a promoter so this meant free drinks all night long. Now the words 'free' and 'drink' excite me on their own, so put together, you can imagine how happy I was. 

This happiness and excitement quickly turned into hysteria as soon as the blonde haired beauty that is Jamie Laing  from Made In Chelsea (ie. the best reality TV show in the history of reality TV) brushed right past me! I proceeded to shout 'JAAAAAMIIIIEE' at the top of my voice, practically shattering the ears of everyone close by. He looked, he stared, I stared back, I hid my face, realising I had absolutely nothing to say to him. I can now be categorised as one of those crazy fans. Cover blown.  

Laura and I decided it'd be a better idea to stare from afar...

Bumpin' n grindin'

...until we saw who he was with...Spencer, Proudlock and Joey f*****g Essex. Then our hearts, minds and everything else were set on getting into the VIP section where they were poppin' bottles and boogying away. After mine and Laura's failed attempts at sweet talking the bouncer, we were finally able to sneak in when he wasn't looking...pretty sly for two drunk and excitable 'MICers' (okay so that definitely doesn't have the same ring to it as 'Directioners').

Neena apparently tried claiming her promoter was in the VIP section and her table awaited her, but it turns out bouncers aren't as stupid as they seem. In fact, I've met a bouncer in Bristol with a PhD in Physics. True story.

But anyway...We made it to VIP! 


Well Laura and I did. We'd lost Neena & Ellie from this point. Boo :(

I don't care, I love it
Dickheads can be beautiful too
Tonight Matthew I'm going to be....BUDDHA

I love taking my camera out for two reasons: 

1) I'm a happy snapper
2) It captures the night so that my memory/brain don't have to

I vaguely remember more bottle poppin'... 

Champagne & vodka= memory blanks!
But by the looks of things, we made a new bestie...

Even later on.... lesbian tendencies striked again

...and the night at Rose ended with me casually taking Laura's eye out with my gangly fingers, and her not batting an eyelid, literally. 

Food Time...
My favourite part of a night out is always the food at the end. Fridays experience was surreal to say the least. We ended up paying for a taxi to meet a group of boys we'd met in the club...not because we fancied them, their company or anything else about them for that matter, but because they were at a Chinese restaurant...which only meant one thing... Good grub! 

After indulging/stuffing our faces full of chicken chow mein, egg fried rice, sweet & sour chicken and plenty of other yummy Asian delights, we got up to leave... but my greed and love of prawn toast (spotted on another table) took over and resulted in an invite to join another group and eat eat eat. I was in my element or 'in the zone' as Laura keeps saying. And the guys looked at us like they'd never seen a girl eat before, but maybe that was more due to the amount we were eating. Best Chinese food I've ever tasted (but it's likely even dog food would've tasted good after the amount of alcohol we had consumed!)  

So with our bellies full of two Chinese feasts, all expenses paid, all that was left for us to do was go back to mine and pass out.

Moral of the night: we're classy gals. 


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