Thursday, 31 October 2013

Autumn Lust List


This is the first year I can remember where I haven't dressed up as a 'scary' aka slutty devil/ghost/zombie etc etc for Halloween...a definite sign I'm getting old. Instead, I'm spending my evening devouring the chocolates meant for the trick or treaters, catching up on some reality TV, and waiting for my sister to come home and join me in my indulgence. 

Chocolate to me is like blood to a vampire. 

I've also been browsing the net for some Autumn essentials and have composed another lust list (which will undoubtedly grow and grow throughout the next few days/weeks/months!). 

Tartan Trend

Navy Blue Trend

This dress reminds me of my Aztec printed dress from Missguided (pictured below). One of my favourite dresses!

Shoes/ Matching Outfits

Inspired by blogger Niomi Smart! See her blog here- 

I think these cute booties would complete a cute daytime look when paired with this dress from Topshop which I've had my eye on for a while- 

And it contains leopard print...what a surprise!

These beauts are perfect as they are work friendly as well as great for transforming a simple look for an evening out with friends. 

They also come in black-

and red-

The red would go perfectly with my Mink Pink Shirt (recent purchase from the Battersea carboot) and a pair of wet look leggings, which I practically lived in last autumn/winter time. 

I want them all! 

Keeping it Cosy

...who said winter had to be full of dark and dreary colours? (plus, I just love pretty much anything pink).

And of course, winter approaching can only mean one thing... party season is on its way! I am still on the lookout for the perfect party dress. It must contain an obscene amount of sparkles, but also ooze glamour rather than tack. I will post about it when I find it!

Happy Trick or Treating :) 


Sunday, 27 October 2013

Brunch & Carbooting with my Favourites

Evening lovelies,

I'm currently chilling in my zebra onesie by the fire, waiting for X Factor to start, with a roast dinner on its way. The perfect Sunday eve and the perfect time to blog :) 

Today was a rare occasion as I actually left my house and it's a Sunday! I usually spend my Sundays in bed, either because I am too hungover to move or because in my opinion, Sundays were invented for doing absolutely nothing (the big dude in the sky nicknamed it the Day of Rest, so it must be true!) However, today there were two perfectly justifiable reasons for seeing daylight:

1) Brunch

 A promised brunch with ma bezzie. Laura and I had a silly drunken argument on Friday night (which to be honest I don't really remember at all) but I know that my stubborn self was probably partly to blame- so I took her to Jacks in Clapham Junction as a peace offering. It's amaze! And very reasonably priced. £6.10 for the incredibly epic breakfasts pictured below-

Laura's 'Double English Breakfast'

 I went for the 'Yankee Breakfast' y'aaalllll

Standard...may as well have licked the plates clean

2) Battersea Carboot

I've never branched out from the Chiswick carboot before, but Aggie recommended the Battersea one and so after brunch we hopped on a bus and toddled our way to meet Aggie and her boyfriend Dom there. 

Within 2 minutes of entering, I'd already fallen a bit in love with a leopard print coat. I'm definitely going to be mistaken for a leopard one day with the amount of printed items I have.

I managed to get it from £20.00 to £16.00...haggling pro?

There was this really cute little old man with an equally cute food stall filled with delicious freshly baked goodies...both sweet and savoury.

Chocolate and banana tings...the best combo

Then we came across glitter land...our idea of heaven. If it were up to us, every item of clothing would sparkle in some way, shape or form. 

making herself at home...

Nish turns Tudor

So then we came across this stall which confirmed one thing: we are a sales persons dream. 

 We pretty much believe anything anyone tells us...and working in an estate agent, I should probably know better.

We believed a woman selling argan oil when she told us that it was 100% natural, a complete bargain, being three times cheaper than Holland and Barrett and various other high street shops and salons, despite her obviously dry and split ended hair.

We got a bottle each- Two for £15.00...but after leaving the stall, Laura made a good point;

'What if it's actually olive oil and we'll never know?'

Maybe we should've looked it up online first...

gift wrapped 'bargain'

goats in the tree...just chill in'

Either way, I feel like our gullible trait isn't a bad thing...we just like to see the good in people!

Quote of the day: 
Laura Kennedy: 'I just like to keep it real'. Word. 

Other highlights

Although this is at Laura's expense...after the whole argan oil fiasco, she then went and purchased some 'Benefit' foundation for £5.00, only to look it up online and find that it didn't actually exist #fake #conned #standard. 

We also met this guy who gave us directions to the cash point, and who turned out to be a celebrity photographer. He gave me his email address and promised to send 'fresh' snaps of One Direction. (Let's hope by fresh he means naked). Ledge. His name is Steven but he calls himself  'Dappa Pappa'...need I say any more? 

Other Purchases
I may have a slight obsession with shirts at the mo...

Picked this up for £8.00

and this for just £3.00...

At the Chiswick Carboot a few weeks ago, my obsession with statement necklaces was also pretty evident...

£2.00 wowzaaa
also £2.00 woop
yep you guessed it...£2.00

and all of the above were brand new! This is why I love carboots.

aaaaand finally, I also got the below rings from the Chiswick trip. The oval stone ring was £4.00 and the gold was just £1.50. Boom boom powwwww

So all in all I think I've had a pretty productive Sunday, and have decided this will now be a regular occurrence!

Also, X Factor is now over and I have one thing to say...why Lady GaGa, why?

Peace, love & cuddles.


Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Wednesday's Wish List

Happy hump day guys!

Yay it's Wednesday, which means were half way through the working week! On this cold Wednesday eve, I've been lying in bed browsing the many fashion and retail websites on the internet... a very regular and seemingly innocent occurrence in my life.

However, I fear that this online 'window' shopping has become incredibly addictive, and also dangerous. I never believed in love at first sight, let alone that it could happen over and over again, until I found myself falling in love with an item, and with just a few clicks of the mouse and the entering of a few digits...boom. Bye bye monies...hellooo poor Nish.

The problem is that half the time, I end up disappointed or regretting my decisions. 

'Where did those tacky sequins appear from?'
'Why is this dress bright was definitely a pretty coral'
'Is this doing the job of a burka or is it just me?'

and most importantly...

'What was I THINKING? I'll blame this purchase on the hormones...'

So today, I had a revelation. Instead of impulsively adding items to the cart (which I generally live to regret), and spending money I don't have, I thought I'd blog about them instead and make a little wish list. And if I still find myself pining after the items, well I guess I'll just have to buy them on the 23rd, aka payday- woooop!

Today, I fell head over heels in lurrrve with one particular item.
A beauuutiful red lip bag from House of Fraser:

Laura Whitmore (another girly crush of mine) has one just like it and it definitely brightens up a plain outfit. Perfect for partaaay season!

Nothing else caught my eye today...but watch this space as I guarentee more synthetic eye candy soon! 

For now, it's time for me to snuggle under my duvet and watch my favourite Geordie's! Charlotte, I love you. Marnie, not so much. Geordie shore is one classy show. 

Peace and love 


Monday, 14 October 2013

Cake Cake Cake

Evening peeps! 

I know it's been a while since I've done a post...woops. To be honest I haven't been feeling inspired...this may have something to do with the horrible winter weather and lack of monies (which means lack of new clothes) but am going to get back into it, fo def!

So I thought I'd do a little post about one of my favourite be more specific, cake!

It was my cousin Dolly's 2nd birthday a few weeks ago, and we celebrated with a children's tea party; sandwiches, scones, cupcakes (and of course lots of wine...not so child friendly). 

Happy birthday Dols!

My favourite part of the day had to be these AMAZING cupcakes by Joanna Khabaz who runs her own baking business (see website here- Creative Baking). 

Just look how pretty they are!

...almost too pretty to eat...almost

The woman has got skillz in the kitchen!! My tastebuds were in heaven for the best part of the day...I probably had about 6 in total. Oh hey diabetes.

so haps
posing with a ya do

Basically, if you're ever throwing a party; christening, birthday, wedding...or just have cash to splash on some delicious, aesthetically pleasing treats, then Joanna is your woman! 

Must dash as the one and only Made in Chelsea is back on our television screens tonight...I can't contain my excitement.