Wednesday, 10 December 2014

The Christmas Jumper Post

The  festive season is here!!!

Streets are brighter than the moon (thanks for the metaphor Katy Perry), bobble hats and fur coats are spotted at every corner, the 'snood' is making a comeback, supermarket shelves are stacked with mince pies and turkeys and it becomes acceptable to eat chocolate every day for breakfast (dairy milk advent calendar always). 

Also, the words 'warm' and 'sweet' become terms we can temporarily associate with getting crunk and not just with our grandma. Mulled wine is the one. 

So in true Christmas spirit, I recently went "Christmas Jumper shopping". This is a thing...we all know it. Christmas jumpers are great for two reasons: 

1) They speed up the 'what do I wear' process ten fold. Whack it out, throw it on, and best of all, have an excuse for the cheap novelty statement piece you're rocking that day...It's Christmas baby and if I want to dress like a Christmas pudding I will #WORD

2) They hide that dreaded Christmas Day food baby. Come to think of it, they hide the general seasonal tum which tends to develop amid the several Christmas parties, Winter Wonderland trips, pub times and movie nights (most likely Love Actually with homemade pudding and hot chocolate at the ready). The Christmas period is just one big celebration. It's what Jesus would have wanted. 

This year I bagged not one but two knitted balls of joy so obviously felt the need to share with y'alll in case, ya know, you've been hiding under a rock all season and have yet to pick yours up.

1) The Disney Jumper 

I spotted this in Primark and knew it had to be mine. It felt only right that during Christmas the Adam and Eve of Disney remained close to my heart. And, I know I'm no Minnie Mouse guys, but the big gold hair bow brings me one step closer (I also feel like this is something ma bae Ariana Grande would wear which made it twice as appealing). 

I Am Wearing

Jumper - Primark 
Skirt - Topshop 
Boots - Miss Selfridge 
Bow - Tiger 
Nails - Kate Spade in 'Big Apple Red' & Barry M Glitter in 'Jingle Bells'
Lips - Rimmel Lip Liner in 'East End Snob' & Rimmel Apocalypse in 'Celestial'
Ring - Topshop (ancient) 

2) The Pug Jumper 

Oh my God, well it was love at first sight with this jumper from Tu at Sainsbury's, believe it or not (who knew they even had a clothing line?!)

Pugs. In Santa hats.

Until I get the real thing in the future, this jumper will have to do. I really do love it and would wear it all year round if I could. In fact, nothings stopping me. Genius Nish strikes again...fave jumper 4 lyf.

I Am Wearing

Jumper - Tu at Sainsbury's 
Wet Look Leggings - Missguided 
Boots - Topshop
Bobble Hat - Topshop
Fluffy Headband - Primark
Eyeshadow - Maxfactor Excess Shimmer in 'Bronze'
Lipstick - Rimmel Lip Liner in 'Red Diva' & Mac's 'Russian Red'

14 days till Christmas guys. Going HAM. 


Monday, 8 December 2014

23 Going on 30

This post is gets a bit deep so get your snorkels at the ready peeps! 

Today I woke up with a weird feeling in my tummy. This sometimes happens, and I can't really explain why. No sudden tragedy has occurred. I hadn't had any nightmares. Christmas is coming (my favourite time of year!!) and I spent a lovely, chilled Sunday with the family shopping for furniture for the new crib followed by a big up roast. So why did I wake up with this sense of overarching emptiness? 

Whilst reading Glamour mag just now, I came across an interesting article about turning 30 and it inspired me to write a blog post. I know I'm 7 sweet years away from the big 3-0, but being a job-hunting 23 year old in this recovering economy with an overcrowded jobs market and house prices higher than Bob Marley, I can defo relate!

It dawned on me that there are two possible reasons for the empty feeling this morn (besides the hunger pangs and Monday vibes, obviously) 

1) The predictability of life! 
By this, I mean the fact that there is a societal pressure for people to live a certain way. The status quo is to go to university, get a good job, work hard, meet the one, get a promotion, get married, buy a house and start a family. 

Where's the spontaneity? Currently, I can tick off one of this long list of eight. But what if we don't conform to this list? Does this mean our life is less fulfilled? Currently I guess I'm feeling pretty unsatisfied because I am nowhere near ticking off the 'to do-list of life'. But hey, sometimes I need to remember that I am only I'm practically still in nappies, right? 

2) The uncertainty of the future!
This may sound contradictory, but whilst the idea of inevitably falling into the generalised way of life and ticking off the above to-do list scares me, so does the uncertainty of it all. What if I don't reach my potential in life? What if I settle for someone for the sake of settling? What if I die tomorrow?

...We can't look into a crystal ball and see what our future looks like, and although tempting at times, I don't think I'd want to! 

A few stats stood out to me in the Glamour article that made me feel a whole lot more relaxed about my current sitch: 

1) 56% of readers aged 29-30 are less financially secure than they expected to be and 12% have moved back in with their parents (!!) 

2) Given the choice between a promotion of the chance to travel for six months, 54% would opt for travel.

3) 90% of 29-30 year olds haven't met the right person yet 

4) Only 50% of 29-30 year olds feel ready for children

So basically, for all those 20-something year olds like me who worry about the direction (or lack of) their lives are taking...I say we need to stop worrying about the future and start concentrating on the present. After all, isn't that what YOLO is all about?! 


Tuesday, 2 December 2014

OOTD: Bambi Skirt, Backless Top & Black Boots

Oh heyyy, 

It's been a while and there have been two main developments since my last post.

1) I moved house
2) I met a boy

Finally hitting the life goals people. If only the house was actually mine and not my parents'...

Saturday night ended up with a trip to good old Infernos in Clapham. I wish I could say this wasn't planned...that it was a last resort...that the rest of the high street had burned down and it was literally the only place left...but I'd be lying. I'd also be hiding the fact that I am secretly in love with the place. The top 40 tunes just complete it for me. When it comes to music, the cheesier the better!!! Where else would blast a load of 90s tunes all night long?! S Club, Backstreet Boys...I felt like I was back at the school disco. 

After a chaotic attempt at taxi ordering, (unintentionally) hijacking another persons ride and a declaration that we should be 'brave rabbits and not scared bunnies' (who am I though?), we reached our destination. 

Highlights of the night include:
1) The FISH in their extravagant tanks casually chilling in the middle of the club. 
2) The cocktails bigger than my big O'Connor head. No really...
3) The dance moves. Take that Jagger.
4) The snapchats. I mean, there should be a button that temporarily deletes the wannabe Whitney in me from my story after an alcoholic bevvy or two. But then again, where's the fun in that? 

Outfit of da night: 

I've been really into the whole A-line skirt and knee high boot combo recently (when I decide I like something...I latch, and this is defo the latest victim of my clinging tendencies).

I spotted this beautiful felt bambi skirt on the Topshop website and travelled far and wide to find it (okay...well Knightsbridge...but it's outta ma South West endz!). They had one left in my size. It had to be fate. I urge you to buy it if you find it as it is incredibly hard to track me. 

No back means no bra (Note to self: step away from the plasters and buy yourself a backless bra woman!!)

I Am Wearing

Top - Asos 
Skirt - Topshop (buy here)
Boots - Miss Selfridge (buy here)
Watch - Michael Kors (buy here)
Bag - Michael Kors (buy here)
Bracelets - Topshop 
Rings - H&M
Eyeshadow - Lorac Pro Palette 2 'Beige' 'Rose' & 'Plum' (buy here)
& Bourjois in '17 Prune' (buy here)
Lipstick - Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in 'Dark Night Water-Oops' (buy here)
Eyelashes - Tanya Burr 'Girls Night Out' Lashes - (buy here)
Nails - 'Sass Pot' from the Ciate Haute House Collection (buy here)
& Topshop Glitter varnish in 'Klaxon' (buy here)

Special shout out to the new love in my life, my Michael Kors handbag (Soz Kris, I know ya got excited)


Saturday, 15 November 2014

How We Do (Party)

Those of you who know me will know that a few of my favourite things are my family & friends, singing & dancing...and drinking. So of course I was very excited for another reason to embrace all of the above on the special occasion of Lynda's 60th birthday (my dads cousins' wife). Who else can relate to having a bigger extended family than the brady bunch? I guess it comes with being of Irish grandad was the youngest of 11! Ratings to my great grandmother for squeezing eleven children out of her lady parts. Ouch.

My dad, sister, granny, another one of dads cousins and I crammed into a cosy (crowded) car and set off for Rugby yesterday afternoon. Fact of the day: the sport, rugby, originated there. Who'd have thought eh?

Four hours later, we dragged our limp limbs out of the car and leapt up the stairs to get ready to partay. I love staying in new places: the hotel was holding a wedding reception and obvs had me day dreaming about my big day, one day, with the one.

After a rush of makeup re-application, a panic at the thought I might have to rock my Nike frees to the party as I couldn't find my platforms (turns out they were in the back of the car boot) and a minor squabble with the sis (standard), we headed to the bar Lynda and Johnny had hired out in a coach which bought back memories of my aunty's wedding last year. 

The dance floor lit up with disco lights and the *free* drink flowed (the perks of partying with your nearest and dearest!) 

Highlights of the night: 

My uncle John trying his first sambuca shot...

and this reaction...

My sister wanting to spend time with me (15 and she wears the trousers in our relationship)... 

My little cousin Dolly aka Buzz lightyear. She sure did rescue that dancefloor at the start of the night...

Johnny's speech for Linda. The. Cutest. Ever. Forget the's all about that love, Meghan Trainor. 

The food. Oh my, I've never tasted anything quite like those cheesey potato skins. They'll be on my mind for a long long time (I was too busy eating it to take pictures). 

My dad singing (this is unheard of).

My granny's Irish dancing. She's just so great.

The DJ's enthusiasm (Megan!)

...and this face...

Some more snaps...

I do love ma fam.

Hope everyone had an enjoyable Friday! Is it just me or has this month gone insanely quick? 


Tuesday, 11 November 2014

How To Achieve The Kylie Jenner Lip

The Kardashians. Like marmite, you either love them or you hate them. Personally, I fall into the former category. 

Regardless of whether you loathe their every existence or secretly want to be them (any will do), I'm sure you're all aware of Kylie Jenner's lips being the subject of many gossip magazines, beauty guru's blogs and chatters with the gals for some time now. Has she or hasn't she had lip fillers? That is the question (soz Shakespeare). You can see that trout pout from all the way over here in East Sheen, and that's saying something (credits to the people who actually know where the fuck Sheen is). 

And I hate to say it, but she's quickly becoming my fave of the Kardashian clan. Kendall's structured cheekbones & stick thin model figure, Kim's bootay, Khloe's hair & 'I don't take no shit' attitude and Kourtney's relationship (if Scott ever decides to leave the brunette beauty I'll be first in line for a bit of Lord Disick action) got nothing on Kylie and those lips though...

Just look at them! She is heavenly. And I am majorly girl crushing. 

I've found the perfect lip liner / lipstick combo, both from Mac, to help achieve the signature Kylie lip. Oh so juicy, oh so plump.  

Mac Lip liner in Soar: I apply this beautiful matte rosey mauve colour all over the lips (spoiler alert: apparently it's the exact shade Kylie uses!). It's great because although it's matte, it doesn't dry out my lips or emphasise dry lips which tend to make an appearance this time of year! This is the first lip liner by Mac that I've tried, but it definitely won't be the last. Winner. 

Mac Lipstick in Honeylove: This is a light beige toned rosey nude and I think this and soar lip liner compliment each other perfectly. It's also matte so don't worry, once it's on, it's oonnnnnn (for a good while at least!)

The result: 

I tried (and failed) the Kylie pout. Here was my best shot...

My teeth are just too big #buckteeth

I'll stick to ma big cheesey grin!

This lip is so wearable and I'm obsessed. When I'm not rocking a bold lip, I'm rocking this bad boy.

Let me know if you've found any good dupes / alternative colours to recreate the Kylie lip because I'd love to try!