Wednesday, 29 October 2014

First Date OOTD

I've found a new hobby in the form of dating. It's fun, you get to meet new people (sometimes like-minded individuals & other times those who are the literal opposite of your every existence) and most importantly, you get a free evening out! 

Just kidding. I'm not David Cameron. 

I thought I'd do a quick outfit post showing what I wore on a first date recently. We went to a cute little pub in Clapham where a man strummed his guitar and sung sweet melodies into the mic (that's microphone, not Made in Chelsea for my fellow MIC fans out there), as we sipped on a bottle of their finest (house) white. I had to stop myself from getting up there and joining him! 

Seeing as it was just drinks, I opted for a simple, monochrome outfit. Simple yet classy. The key is to not wear anything too revealing (I cringe at my uni days...were they pants or shorts I wore to the clubs?!). 

The backless top and ripped jeans provided a subtle flash-of-flesh. 


Being comfortable is also important. This outfit allowed me to breathe, and I do like to breathe. Oxygen and ting should not be overrated. Also, comfort = confidence! So remember that folks when you find yourself trying to squeeze into that mini bodycon LBD or those leather pants that are a (few) sizes too small. There's a time and a place. 

I Am Wearing

Top - Asos (buy here)
Jeans - Topshop (buy here)
Coat (Battersea Car Boot last year!)
Shoes - H&M (buy here - they're now on sale!)
Bag - Zara (no longer available - similar here)
Nails - Rimmel 60 Seconds in 'Rapid Ruby' (buy here)

A second date is on the cards so stay tuned for more outfit posts! 


Monday, 27 October 2014


1) What if he's actually a fat, balding paedo?!?! Best put the bestie on speed dial pronto.

2) What has life come to that I'm resorting to dating apps...

3) Oh well...YOLO

4) Oh shit...I have nothing to wear. I might have to cancel.

5) I wonder if he's as nervous as I am...

6) Is he going to think I'm easy for even being on this app? 

7) I hope he doesn't expect me to go home with him...

8) That definitely won't be happening. Even if we did meet on 'Happn'.

9) I might kiss him. I love kissing. He won't think I'm easy if I kiss him will he?

10) What if he thinks I'm hideous in real life...

11) Or worse. What if our witty chat is purely written chemistry and we both make small talk whilst trying to think of an excuse to leave.

12) I didn't think this through.

13) Are we going to eat?  What if I get food in my teeth?!?! Will he tell me I have food in my teeth?! Oh GOD...What can I eat that's unlikely to get stuck in my teeth?!?!

14) Do guys actually expect a woman to go halves or do they have every intention of paying?

15) *Puts on Independent Women by Destiny's Child*... I don't mind paying.

16) *Song finishes*...On second thoughts, us women are put through enough 'p' words without adding another. Periods. Pregnancies. He can pay.

17) I'm not going to get drunk. I'll sip at my wine like a lady...*1 hour later* . I think I'm slurring. Too late to go back now. *Orders another drink*

18) Is he going to try and kiss me? Do I want to kiss him back? If so, how do I let him know without reenacting something out of a soft porno. 

19) *After 5 minutes of getting in the door*...Why hasn't he texted? Oh, damn. I like him more now.
*30 minutes later...receives text* ... Omg. He's too keen. He's not the one. 


Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Pray for Pistorius, His Freedom Postponed Until 2019

I must be dreaming, because I've just heard that Oscar Pistorius, the violent, gun loving, girlfriend killing, former South African Paralympic sprinter has been convicted of 'culpable homicide'  and sentenced to just 5 YEARS jail time, with the likelihood of being freed after 10 months and carrying out the rest under 'correctional supervision' in the comfort of his own home.

Pistorius' ruthless chief defence lawyer, Barry Roux, seemed to suggest that his client had already paid the price for his actions, stating "he's not only broke, but he's broken" and "there is nothing left of this man". A slight exaggeration; he's alive, which is more than we can say for poor Reeva. He also argued that South African prisons can't cater for Pistorius' disability and he would be vulnerable. So now disabled people get preferential sentencing? Isn't this completely irrelevant to the crime? He was fit enough to murder...he is fit enough to rot in jail. 

What's worse, is men like Simon Jenkins have accused the sentence of being harsh, with laughable statements such as "his life is ruined" and "imprisonment is a brutalist response" injected throughout his article for The Guardian. He murdered his girlfriend in cold blood, shooting her not once, but four times with a 9mm pistol, 'mistaking her for a burglar'. An easy mistake to make, right? Of course he shouldn't go to jail...

You only have to type Pistorius' name into google to be faced with endless articles sighting his fate:

'Pistorius is in danger'
'Pistorius could be held in prison in high security wing'
'Pistorius is engaging in self harming because he feels isolated and lonely'
...and my personal favourite...'There's no way back for him in sport until 2019'. 

Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't realise that his career was threatened. That he might not be able to compete anymore as his fitness levels may not be up to scratch when he hits the big three zero. Never mind the fact that he killed the supposed 'love of his life'. No-one deserves this punishment. Pray for Pistorius. 


It's utterly disgusting.

Regardless of this case being rather close to home, I know I'm certainly not alone in my view of the ludicrous verdict. It proves we have a long way to go to kick domestic violence to the curb once and for all. The sentences are simply not harsh enough. I seriously question what the world is coming to...ISIS, Ebola, Ukraine...and now yet another sick celebrity quite literally gets away with murder (I'll never understand how Chris Brown is back to selling No.1's in the charts!). And get July of this year, a South African poacher was sentenced to 77 years for killing a rhino. 

Well if that's the case, I'd rather be a wrinkly grey animal than a woman at this point in society. 

Sunday, 19 October 2014

4 Autumn Fashion Staples

So as you'll probably be able to tell from my previous few posts, I have a bit of a soft spot for Autumn. I've touched on beauty and food (of course), so thought I'd dedicate a post to my Autumn fashion staples! 

There's something so effortless about Autumn style. It's so easy to look put together without having actually made much effort at all. In other words, you can still hit that snooze button without sacrificing your appearance.

Smudged eye makeup? That's were going for the 'smokey, sexy' look.
Bed hair? That's ok...stick a hat on top. Noone will know, I promise!
And the bane of every girls life...What do I wear?!?! I have NOTHING to wear!!! is no longer an issue. It's ok to throw on a pair of ripped jeans and an oversized shirt, and never take them off (okay, well the change in season doesn't mean a change in hygiene, but ya get me). Trust me, if Cara Delevingne can do it, so can we! 

The best thing of all is that this look is so comfortable and I've found myself reaching for these four staples most days recently. Gone are the days of squeezing into high wasted shorts and shrieking at the sight of myself in the mirror of the Topshop changing room whilst trying on their Summer collection of crop tops. One day, I'd tell myself. One day...(still waiting for that day). 

My four favourite must-haves for Autumn are: 

1) A Checkered/Tartan shirt
2) Ripped Jeans
3) A Floppy Hat
4) A Berry Lip 

I Am Wearing

Shirt - Asos (buy here)
Jeans - Topshop (buy here)
Hat - Asos (buy here)
Boots - Topshop (buy here)
Bag - Topshop (2012)
Lips - Rimmel, Kate Moss 107 (buy here)
Eyes - Lorac Pro Palette 2- Nectar all over and Plum in the crease (buy here)
Nails - Ciate Haute House Collection (buy here)

And I couldn't resist ending with a selfie! 

Happy Sunday!


Friday, 17 October 2014

Autumn Treats: Healthy Raw Chocolate Brownies

Happy Friday! 

This post has been a loooong time coming. In fact, if I'm brutally honest, I'd forgotten all about it until I discovered it in my draft blog posts. But despite it being 5 months late, I couldn't not share it as these simple, 5 ingredient chocolate brownies are too delicious to keep to myself! 

Ever tried GU's rich chocolate torte? I have. Last weekend. We had friends round for Sunday lunch, things got crazy and I demolished two (rather large) slices of the thing. All 566 calories worth, a sugar particles dream as each and every one now has a cosy new home in the form of my tummy. 

Now keep that rich, indulgent beauty in mind. These brownies have the same decadent chocolatey taste, but there is one vital difference: these brownies are healthy. Every single ingredient will benefit you. Yeeaah, you heard me correctly.

Picture this. Your tummy is the house. Gu chocolate represents a load of crooks and criminals. These raw chocolate brownies represent a lovely little family. 

Now I know which I'd prefer to fill me....
Criminals. Bad vibes. They'll probably wreck the place. The family will fill the house with love and goodness, so it's no longer just bricks and mortar, but a home

Our bodies deserve to be filled with love and goodness because we only get one to last us a lifetime! #preach 

Now that the cheese is out the way (mmmm, cheese) let's get on to the recipe...

I've adapted my own recipe inspired by the wonderful Madeleine Shaw. I've tried out a few of her recipes which are all made from whole foods, including her cauliflower pizza (see blog post here). 

You'll need:

100g medjool dates
150g hazelnuts (Madeleine uses walnuts)
50g coconut oil
50g raw cacao powder
A squeeze of sweet freedom's 'natural sweetener' (Madeleine uses a pinch of stevia)

Simply blend the hazelnuts until they resemble small grains of sand. Then add the dates, sweet freedom/natural sweetener of your choice and raw cacao powder. Slowly pour in the coconut oil and continue to blend until you're left with a gooey, nicely blended mixture. 

Grease a tin with coconut oil and add all of the brownie, pressing it down so that it forms a solid, flat dessert and place in the freezer for half an hour to let it set. I didn't have a square tin so I used a round one. I was clearly breaking boundaries that day...who says brownies can't be triangular?! 

...and voila!

I topped mine off with raspberries and a dusting of cacao powder.

Chocolate + health = an extremely happy Nish.

So next time you're craving something sugary...have a go at these. They're quick, easy, healthy and also extremely rich so you probably won't be demolishing a second slice in one sitting! 

I'm definitely going to have to whip some up this weekend. Writing this post has ignited a chocolate craving in me stronger than Russell Brand's sex drive. 


Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Autumn Metallic Nails

Happy Autumn peeps! 

I say 'happy' because Autumn is definitely my favourite season: it becomes acceptable to drink endless amounts of hot chocolate, wine is warmed and prepared with love, scented candles fill the house and there's always something incredibly inviting about spending cosy nights in by the fire whilst the rain trickles down the windows (a boy to make/share all of the above with would be ideal, but ya can't have it all!)

I love the transition from Autumn to Winter, when the sun (or lack of if you live in England like me) is tiring and the crisp, cold mornings have a certain appeal about them. 

Autumn means we're one step closer to winter baby (sung in the tune of 'one step closer' by S Club Juniors...who remembers that song?!) ...and one step closer to winter means one step closer to Christmas! There I said it, and no, it's not too early. Let's not pretend I'm the only one who's been rocking their Christmas PJ bottoms from last year (my particular red and white snowflake patterned pair from Primark might just be the comfiest thing since The White Company's duvet range).  

Autumn also means that I get to change up my makeup and wardrobe, which excites me greatly. After a recommendation from one of my fave YouTubers/bloggers Anna (Vivianna Does her, she's hilarious and awesome), I knew I had to purchase Ciate's Haute House Collection, a selection of five miniature metallic nail varnishes which, when combined, are Autumn in a bottle. 

The packaging is a plus as they arrived in this little house, each shimmering nail varnish behind a gold-framed window. A perfect adornment to give my room an autumnal feel. 

...where would a girl be without the Sally Hansen Base & Top coat?!

The colours from left to right:

Knee Highs - a deep dark purple
For The Frill Of It - a shimmery gold
Sass Pot - a rich electric blue
Can Can - a metallic forest green
Tickle My Fancy- a gorgeous berry

I am currently wearing them all at once, for two reasons:

1) So I can see which ones are ma faves without having repaint them five times...
2) Because I'm well edgy like.

(please ignore the old woman hands...23 and finger botox a thing?!)

...I think my faves have to be 'knee highs' and 'can can'. 

I love love love the metallic finish. They also dry super quick so if you're as impatient as me when it comes to painting your nails, or are always forgetting that everything and anything becomes your freshly painted nails' worst nightmare and touch something to smudge the carefully constructed buggers, then these are for you! 

Oh, and they only require one coat! Need I say anything else?