Wednesday, 10 December 2014

The Christmas Jumper Post

The  festive season is here!!!

Streets are brighter than the moon (thanks for the metaphor Katy Perry), bobble hats and fur coats are spotted at every corner, the 'snood' is making a comeback, supermarket shelves are stacked with mince pies and turkeys and it becomes acceptable to eat chocolate every day for breakfast (dairy milk advent calendar always). 

Also, the words 'warm' and 'sweet' become terms we can temporarily associate with getting crunk and not just with our grandma. Mulled wine is the one. 

So in true Christmas spirit, I recently went "Christmas Jumper shopping". This is a thing...we all know it. Christmas jumpers are great for two reasons: 

1) They speed up the 'what do I wear' process ten fold. Whack it out, throw it on, and best of all, have an excuse for the cheap novelty statement piece you're rocking that day...It's Christmas baby and if I want to dress like a Christmas pudding I will #WORD

2) They hide that dreaded Christmas Day food baby. Come to think of it, they hide the general seasonal tum which tends to develop amid the several Christmas parties, Winter Wonderland trips, pub times and movie nights (most likely Love Actually with homemade pudding and hot chocolate at the ready). The Christmas period is just one big celebration. It's what Jesus would have wanted. 

This year I bagged not one but two knitted balls of joy so obviously felt the need to share with y'alll in case, ya know, you've been hiding under a rock all season and have yet to pick yours up.

1) The Disney Jumper 

I spotted this in Primark and knew it had to be mine. It felt only right that during Christmas the Adam and Eve of Disney remained close to my heart. And, I know I'm no Minnie Mouse guys, but the big gold hair bow brings me one step closer (I also feel like this is something ma bae Ariana Grande would wear which made it twice as appealing). 

I Am Wearing

Jumper - Primark 
Skirt - Topshop 
Boots - Miss Selfridge 
Bow - Tiger 
Nails - Kate Spade in 'Big Apple Red' & Barry M Glitter in 'Jingle Bells'
Lips - Rimmel Lip Liner in 'East End Snob' & Rimmel Apocalypse in 'Celestial'
Ring - Topshop (ancient) 

2) The Pug Jumper 

Oh my God, well it was love at first sight with this jumper from Tu at Sainsbury's, believe it or not (who knew they even had a clothing line?!)

Pugs. In Santa hats.

Until I get the real thing in the future, this jumper will have to do. I really do love it and would wear it all year round if I could. In fact, nothings stopping me. Genius Nish strikes again...fave jumper 4 lyf.

I Am Wearing

Jumper - Tu at Sainsbury's 
Wet Look Leggings - Missguided 
Boots - Topshop
Bobble Hat - Topshop
Fluffy Headband - Primark
Eyeshadow - Maxfactor Excess Shimmer in 'Bronze'
Lipstick - Rimmel Lip Liner in 'Red Diva' & Mac's 'Russian Red'

14 days till Christmas guys. Going HAM. 



  1. Hey :)
    I really love you blog, so I've nominated you for the Liebster Award!
    It involves answering 11 quick questions, then nominating 11 other bloggers to take part and carry on spreading awareness for smaller bloggers like us!
    I hope you take part, more details can be found in the blog post I made over on my blog.


    1. Hi Alix! Sorry for the late reply- I've only just seen your comment! Thank you so much for nominating me :) Is it too late to take part? X

  2. I love the outfit! Pairing jumpers and skirts is always a great combination!
    Merry Christmas! x

    Rhiannon Talks - Fashion Blog

    1. Thanks Rhiannon! Hope you had a lovely Christmas! X

  3. Cute outfit! I love the bow outfit.