Friday, 25 April 2014

'Courgetti': The Healthy Pasta Alternative

Hey party people! 

This evening for dins I decided to cook myself some 'courgetti', in other words, shredded courgette that resembles spaghetti. I've read a lot of food blogs which have hyped about this wannabe pasta dish for a while now, so thought I'd see what all the fuss is about! 

I didn't have a Julienne peeler (which magically turn vegetables into thin, delicate strips), so had to settle for a potato peeler...meaning the main part of my dish was less 'courgetti' and more 'peeled courgette' or 'courgette ribbons'. 

...but they tasted just as good!

I potato-peeled one courgette and added it to a wok with some coconut oil, salt and pepper, like so: 

This is what a close-up picture of my half-cooked peeled courgette looks like:

Very interesting, I know. 

Oooooh, there goes the lemon! ... Just call me Jamie Oliver.

For the sauce, I (and by I, I mean my mother for our dins last night) stir fried some chicken, chopped some veg (onions, celery, peppers, tomato, aubergine) and added this to some tinned tomatoes. Seasoned of course, with some salt, pepper, garlic and chilli.

Tonight I was feeling lazy so simply reheated this wonderful sauce in a pan (thoroughly...don't wanna be getting any food poisoning!). Here is me doing this:

Then I added the sauce to the courgette ribbons, grated some fresh parmesan on top and was ready to rock 'n' rollll baby (by rock 'n' roll, I mean enjoy some dinner with the fam in front of the television). 

This is the finished product: 

FYI, I added lavishings of pepper on top as well because pepper is my favourite seasoning ever. 

And honestly, it was pretty god damn tasty. As of this week (and after the sickening amount of food/alcohol/chocolate I consumed over the Easter period) I've been really trying to be healthy again, and this is def something I'll be whipping up in the future! Next time, I think I'll try them with my favourite pasta dish toppings: pesto, pancetta and pine nuts. Deeellliiisshhh. 

Things got serious, as you can see:

Not so superior now, are ya Mr. Courgetti?

For all you health and fitness fanatics out there, go grab yourself a courgette and make yourself some super easy, super quick courgette ribbons!


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