Thursday, 19 February 2015

Beyonce isn't Flawless?

Warning:This post contains shocking images that some readers may find offensive.

Some pictures have been leaked. Pictures that will shock the world. Pictures of...wait for it...Beyonce UNphotoshopped. Say whaaat? Let us all take a minute to process this's a scandal. Somebody call the police. 

But is it really? 

I wanted to write a post as soon as I came across an article (on none other than the Daily Mail), containing these unretouched photos of Queen Bee from her 2013 L'Oreal cosmetic campaign, 200 of which were recently leaked and removed from one of her fan sites. 

The latest celebrity to be scrutinised for her appearance. Judged for her spots and less than perfect complexion. The fact that these images even have the ability to cause such uproar and horror is shocking in itself (there are surely more important ISIS overtaking the world...!!) So Beyonce doesn't have 'flawless', unblemished skin. News flash...noone has Barbie-like skin; Beyonce, Miranda Kerr, Jennifer Aniston and all celebrities included. They're human beings like us! Hoorah!

What worries me is that girls are surrounded by these photo-shopped images and have unrealistic ideals of what it is to be 'attractive' or 'pretty' or what the perfect body should look like. I've been there, and if I'm honest, as aware as I am that these images are all computer-made, I still struggle with the whole thing.

Magazine images are so distorted that if you saw the women in the street, chances are you probably wouldn't even recognise them. Trust me, I've seen a bare-faced Cheryl Cole in her trackies and hoody, as far from the glitz and glam she's usually caught up in, and guess what...she's a normal human being with imperfections too. 

So here's what I say...

B, it's okay, I take you for you, yourself and you. I'm still head over heels, crazy in love with you. You're still irreplaceable. I'd still put a ring on it...and a few spots and whiteheads ain't gonna change that!