Nish I Am


I'm Nish O'Connor, an aspiring journalist from London with a life long dream of being in a girl band, an unhealthy addiction to sugary delicacies (especially chocolate; cadbury's crunchie rocks rock my world), and an even unhealthier obsession with the boy band One Direction. And I'm 23, would you believe?

I'm also a true romantic. Get me drunk, and you'll find me in a corner somewhere having a DMC (that's deep and meaningful conversation for those who aren't "down with the kids") about my search for 'the one'.

Either that, or I'm singing / dancing around my room to 1D, Ed or Taylor.

I graduated from Bristol University in 2012 with a 2:1 in History. In hindsight, I think I took for granted the enjoyment I got from writing every day...

I set up this blog last August to showcase my fashion ideas / inspirations (I think I'm genuinely addicted to shopping...if anyone knows of a healthy cure so that I may actually be able to pay off my student loan / start climbing that property ladder before I die, please do let me know).

Nowadays, I incorporate more lifestyle posts into the blog, along with regular 'I Am Wearing' pieces and the occasional opinionated post / rant about anything and everything; current affairs, dating, young people, girl probz.



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