Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Carnival Baby

On Monday I went to Carnival with three of ma besties;
Laura Kennedy- My favourite blondie/ ditzy sister from another mister
Aggie Pop- My quirky little Polish babe with the coolest name I know
Charlotte Piccio- My Asian twin/ new blogging buddy woop! Check out her wonderful blog here;

Outfit of the Day

I wore a bit of a combo of the previous Carnival outfit ideas that I posted.
I wanted to wear shorts as it was beauuutiful weather, but decided that the sparkly ones were more like knickers, and as much as I enjoy prancing around my room naked, or inappropriately getting my tits out in public places, perhaps Carnival wasn’t the best place for a Nish style bum flash.

These are the only pictures where you can really see the full outfit (I forgot to take a clear one). My bad!

Top- Topshop 
Shorts- Topshop
Boots- New Look
Socks- Topshop
Bumbag/Fanny Pack- American Apparel
Headband- Primark
Necklace- Ebay

Hair & Makeup 

Pink Hair Dye- Superdrug's Instant Colour Hairspray, 'Pink Punch' (Wash in Wash Out)
Silver Face Glitter- Models Own
Eyelashes- Eylure Naturalites, No.100
Turquoise Glitter Eyeliner- Collection 2000
Lipstick- No.7 'Mischief'
Face Gems- Superdrug 'Nail Jewels'

Who knew that having  pink hair could make a girl so happy....?! May have to make this shit permanent. 

My Day!

This year’s carnival experience began with a game very similar to 'Where's Wally?', except the missing person in question was not the geeky little man in stripes. Very bad signal (Orange’s EE network is utter shite) led to a game of‘Where’s Laura Kennedy at?’

Aim of the game: to track down the blonde haired, big boobed beauty in a green top and denim shorts.

… this was one game we didn't want to play, and it sucked balls. I felt a bit like Mufasa in his search for Simba when he was trapped in the herd of wildebeests. No offence to Carnival-goers or anything…but some of them gave me the chills! Thankfully after a few fuzzy phone calls, a lot of pushing and shoving and the establishing of a clear meeting point (a pub...standard) we finally found her! Phew. 

The rest of the day could only get better. And it did. We danced to Michael Jackson, made friends with colourful beings, painted faces, hairy chested men and the police force and perved on Mark Lamarr kissing a girl whilst drinking free cocktails and bopping away to some jazzy music.

Mark Lamarr & ladyfriend 

I also drank rum out of a really weird looking pineapple and pretended I was on a tropical Island...
the delicious aromas of jerk chicken and meaty goodness made up for the fact there was no sand, sea or...the other S word! 


1) Being with all the girrrrrls 
...minus Zoe of course who we couldn't find :(

2) Charlotte’s epic fall...she was a trooper

Action shot

3) The Atmosphere

So much colour!
Shake yo body like a belly dancer

4) One Direction's Apperance
...okay, so they appeared on my arm, but still. Aggie bought me a 1D sticker set which came with a heart shaped lollipop. I loved it and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

5) The Food...
to be specific, the KFC and Pizza Express that we munched afterwards. Standard fatties. 

Biggest Regret:

Not arriving earlier. By the time we found Laura it was already 3:30pm, so we only really had a few hours of crazy time.

Carnival 2014, see ya there bright and early.


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