Wednesday, 21 August 2013


Good evening lovely people!

So it's Wednesday today, which means we're mid-way through the working week, which means that it's only two days until ... BANK . HOLIDAY. WEEKEND! Wooop woop, yippeeee, hooraayyy! I just let out a little scream of excitement.


Because now that I'm 22 years of age and having graduated from university last year, I can finally say that I truly, completely, from the bottom of my heart understand the phrase ''living for the weekend". I am supposedly an adult. And yes Sean Kingston, that means I can no longer sleep all day and party all night, ya lucky sod. I suppose this was especially the case for me as I studied History at uni, and I think it's fair to say that lectures were as rare/ infrequent as a Starbucks barista spelling your name right (only yesterday my name was written as 'Mash'..REALLY?! I mean I know I'm half Irish but that doesn't make me a potato! )

But this Bank Holiday is even more exciting and special because it is NOTTING HILL CARNIVAL!  Ohhhh yes. The time of year has come again for London's largest street festival and I am so so excited. My favourite thing about this holiday, besides the badass music, amazing food, friendly faces, and the generally exciting, crazy, lively atmosphere, is the opportunity it offers to dress up.  To wear things you wouldn't usually wear in day-to-day life. To go all out. And to not be judged. 

Carnival 2012 <3
Drinking from the bottle

Can you blow my whistle baby?

I made a furry friend <3

Last year I didn't really wear an OTT outfit. Besides covering my face with a shit load of glitter (hard to see in the above pictures), the only other effort I really made was purchasing a whistle from a street merchandise seller, who must have had a field day when he came across our group of excitable, tipsy girls, getting all enthusiastic over something that not even my 7 year old cousin would realistically have any interest in if it was bought for her. 
But anyway, this year, I want to make more of an effort!

When I think of Carnival in relation to outfit ideas I think of one thing above all of the rest, and that is COLOUR. Whether it be bright, glittery, sparkly, neon, pastel. Colour, in my opinion, is a must! Basically if you end up resembling the rainbow by the time you leave the house then you've got it spot on. 

So in celebration of this wonderful celebration of the Caribbean people, and the massive piss-up that it brings, I've decided that I will post about different Carnival related style ideas throughout the week; outfits, accessories, nails, the works!

Watch this space :)


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