Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Pizza & Partying!

The title of this post is pretty self- explanatory. Two of my favourite things to sum up my favourite day of the week, Saturday! 

Pizza, the way to a woman's heart 
(or mine anyway). 

On the bank holiday Saturday just gone, my fam and I managed to avoid the usual debate that occurs whenever we organise to go out for dinner. My brother will usually opt for a Thai whilst my sister argues that she's sick of Thai red curry and suggests the local Persian (which my brother hates). Then my dad proposes that a Japanese is the answer, ignoring the fact my siblings utterly despise sushi. And although I like pretty much any food going, I always get involved, probably just to be difficult, unlike my mum who sits patiently waiting for the ultimate decision to be made... 'THAI IT IS'. And this is the standard O'Connor procedure.  

This Saturday, our decision was made easy. Following last weekends attempt to branch out, we decided to go for a pizza, and we discovered ...

'Franco Manca' pizzas.

Oh my god...these babies are like slices of heaven in your mouth. The pizza is made from slow-rising sourdough which requires a minimum of 20 hours to rise. In other words, they are literally orgasmic. They make Pizza Express pizza's taste like Sainsbury's basics in comparison. Oh, and to top it all off, they are half the price, just sayin'. 

Loving life 

Party Time

After pizza I went on to meet Caroline (my ex boyfriends sister) for drinks and a boogie. Don't ask how we became such good friends, as I'm not quite sure myself. But she's absolutely laaavly.

We didn't really have an exact plan but ended up in Vodka revs and then a club in Clapham called Aquum. And then back to mine where more pizza was ordered. 

Two things I learnt that night:

1) There is such a thing as too much pizza. Pukee
2) Random nights are the best nights 

Going to post about my carnival experience tomorrow! 


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