Friday, 4 April 2014

How To: Easy Eyebrows in Two Minutes

Ever since my mama booked a makeup/ photoshoot package for me and my sister three Christmasses ago, I have been hooked on one product for my eyebrows: 

Interestingly, this product is actually defined as a 'smoky eye pencil and shadow', but the woman doing my makeup used it to define my eyebrows, and I have been in love with this simple little multitasker ever since. What a clever little stick! As well as being one of the brands best sellers (probably for its versatile nature), it's also named after my favourite food, chocolate baby! 

It looks like this - 

And my eyebrows (pre-grooming) look like this - ew!

I hate the fact that eyebrows are very rarely identical to one another. I read on Kate J's blog (aka recently that "brows are sisters, not twins". I like this comparison a lot, it's so true!


There are two ends to the pencil:

1) The 'Shadow' 

I start by filling in the start of my eyebrows (the thickest parts) with this shadow end as it blends really easily and doesn't leave an obvious 'drawn on' look. Scouse brows no more!

2) The Pencil

I then use the pencil end just to add definition and thicken the main strips of the eyebrows, as well as evening them up! The colour is also perfect for me, making my thin-haired little brows look just that little bit fuller.

 And voila! 

Please ignore my hair in the above was taken just after a rough towel-dry!

Overall, this product is super easy to use and literally takes two minutes. Perfect for a quick daily brow defining sesh every morn before work when you're still half asleep!

Have a happy sunny weekend!


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