Tuesday, 15 April 2014

The Sunday Post: Roaming Sunny Richmond

On Sunday, the sun came out to play in London! 

Now usually I'm the worst on a hangover. I'd be snuggled up in bed with a handful of snacks, plenty of juice and some programmes which don't take much effort to watch. That or YouTube channels. I'm slightly obsessed with Zoe, Tanya, Alfie, Jim, Marcus, Niomi, Caspar Joe & co at the mo!

But this Sunday was too pretty to be wasted in bed. So Laura, Carolyn & I took a trip to beautiful Richmond (yes, me and Laura weren't quite well enough to venture out of our ends #southwestlgalsforever ). But it was such a lovely day out. 

Lesson of the day: Fresh air, sun and Whole Foods is the best cure to a hangover! (That, and hair of the dog...!)

What I Wore: 

I Am Wearing

Dress - Battersea Car Boot Sale (£5.00 bargain!!)
White Shirt - H&M
Baby Pink Plimsoles - Topshop
Tattoo - Thailand
Sunglasses - Topshop
Leaf Earrings - Topshop
Black Bow - Claire's Accessories
Ring - Topshop 
Nail Varnish - Models Own in 'Bikini'
Lips - Mac Lipstick in 'Ravishing' and Maybelline's Colour Sensational Shine Gloss in 'Cashmere Rose'

 Some Snaps from the day: 

We found Laura's own healthy food range in Whole Foods...for a girl who didn't know how to grate cheese a few years ago, she's come a long way!

My favourite section of Whole Foods... (to look at) 

Came across the biggest meringues Ive ever seen...

And the smallest pastries I've ever seen... (the picture definitely doesn't do them justice, they were so cute!)

We opted for some fresh Mexican-style burrito's for lunchio!

Mmmmmm cookies...I've tried pretty much the whole range over time and I recommended the white chocolate coated beauts to Laura. She approved. 

Then we soaked up the sun's rays on Richmond Green with our goodies. We also tried 'Banana Mylk' which was amazing, especially for banana lovers! It reminded me of a mix between the banana medicine I used to have as a kid, those foamy banana sweets, and banana milkshake. But all natural meaning not quite as sweet and sickly. Just perfect. 

Fro Yo is a must on a sunny day! The Farmery in Richmond do an amazing selection of toppings, and they have suggested mixes which are tailored to taste like your favourite dessert, including 'Banoffee Pie' and 'Eton Mess' (Laura's pick). I opted for a self-made one; chocolate frozen yoghurt topped with oreo's, banana and strawberries. Chocaholic heaven. 

We ended the day with a stroll down by the river, and then chilled with some pimms watching some guys strum their guitar and sing some tunes. They were obviously popular as there was a big crowd watching them. Well, that, or everyone was sat making the most of the sun (a rarity in London), and the guys took this as prime opportunity to perform!

It made me wonder whether this was something planned or open to anyone and everyone. 

If I were to get up there and sing some songs, there'd definitely be an Ed Sheeran track, Oasis' 'Wonderwall' to get everyone singing along, and of course a 1D track, because it's me. 

If only I could play the guitar! Any volunteers? 


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