Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Confessions of a Runaholic


Sorry for the lack of postings; this week has been somewhat of a different experience, to say the least.

I finished up at my job on Friday, and boy did it feel weird on Monday morning without the sound of my dreaded alarm going off at 6am. I actually cried at the fact I didn't have to go in to work...weird, I know. 

This week has also been a tad alien because I have re-discovered shin splints, or should I say, shin splints have re-discovered me! I thought I had got rid of the buggers for good last year! For those of you who don't know, shin splints are every runner's worst nightmare!

I have made the mistake of continuing to run on shin splints on numerous occasions in my life. Usually, people learn from their mistakes, but not me... no no no... I'm far too stubborn. Instead, I decided to attempt to run through the pain last week, and it's left me a crippled, limping mess. Serves me right really.

If my physio/doctors knew, they'd be screaming "I TOLD YOU SO!!!!" 

Alas, they will never know. (Oh dear, Rory's lah-de-dah mannerisms are having an effect on me). 

I wish this was me...

I guess the point of this story is that it's made me realise how much I love and miss running! I'm one of those annoying people who go to the gym solely to use the running machines. You may ask...why not save yourself the money and run outside? 

Well there's a few reasons for this: 

1) I like to interval train, control exactly what speeds I'm running at and challenge myself to complete certain distances in the fastest time. My record for 5K is 23 minutes, 20 seconds, and the pride I felt from seeing this in front of me on a screen outweighs the benefits of outdoor running where the only screen is the windscreen of the several cars zooming past (I live in London). 

2) Outdoor running = even more pressure on the legs = increased likelihood of developing injuries.  Every pound on the concrete is like a dagger to the poor, defenceless leg joints. Trust me, I've learnt the hard way. 

3) I always feel that with outdoor running, I am more likely to stop when tired, whereas in the gym, the sheer embarrassment (as well as probable flying off the treadmill/ risk of death) of suddenly pressing stop is enough to keep me powering through. That, and Beyonce of course.

4) As picturesque and beautiful it may be to run outside, it's not so fun when it's bucketing with rain or gail force winds threaten to blow you in front of the nearest car. I know spring is now here, but I live in London, so all of the above still applies. Plus, it's motivating to work out in the gym when others are "feeling the burrrrn" all around you ('s got absolutely nothing to do with the drool-worthy guys at every corner, with their arm muscles on show and the whole sexy, sweaty look they have going on). Oh no, definitely not! 

So for now I'm going to have to take it easy *sigh*

I've made a pledge to myself to go on bike rides around Richmond Park whilst I recover, as well as use the cross trainer in the gym...just to make that gym fee a little less painful! I may even broaden my horizons and attempt the weight machines... who am I kidding? Four personal trainer chats (aka attempts to get me to employ them) later and I still can't bring myself to listen to their advice and change my workout! Yes, I am aware that strength training builds muscles, thus increases your  metabolism and overall calorie burn, even when you're not working out. And no, I don't have that made perception that "weights are only for guys". I simply just don't enjoy it...

and the one thing I've realised about exercise is that you have to enjoy what you're doing, or you won't keep it up!  

This whole shin splints setback has also made me appreciate and embrace the fact that I, Nish O'Connor, am a runaholic. There's nothing like the feeling after an intense, hardcore run. Not only does it relieve stress, but it also gives me an excuse to listen to One Direction/Taylor/Beyonce/Top40 tings at top volume for half an hour straight. What more could a girl want? 

Running endorphins, I look forward to having you back in my life (hopefully sooner rather than later!) 


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