Saturday, 3 January 2015

New Year's Eve!

NYE. You only have to watch the film 'New Year's Eve' to note the pressure everyone feels to have the time of their lives on this one particular evening. Like the world is about to explode and this is our last chance to party hard. YOLO comes into full effect on New Years Eve. HAM is given new meaning. But mostly, the overwhelming hype surrounding the last day of the year leaves me feeling a mixture of exhaustion, excitement and mild anxiety (pretty much like how I feel when I'm running a tad late...this reference is for you Kate Dooley).

NYE also happens to coincide with one of ma besties birthdays: Happy birthday Charl!

As I've got older, we've come to realise that less pressure= more fun. So this year we made some vague plans and decided to see where the night took us!

It took us: to winter wonderland (more specifically, to the mulled wine and cider at the bar), a Thai restaurant in Soho which conveniently advertised itself as 'permanently closed' online (a blessing in disguise as it meant we could make a verrry last minute booking), an interesting, some would say 'edgy' house party / renovated warehouse in Camden (my words when we entered: guys, we need to pretend to be cool), and of course, a kebab shop; the perfect end to a pretty perfect night <3

Shout outs to some special people:

This babe and our standard pre-night picture outside of my house (but the first outside the new abode!)

Special shout out to this girl, Kate Dooley. Thanks for all the blog advice and stalking. And of course for enlightening me on the existence of Robson Green. Keep on reeling those bad boys in Kate. 

These two beauties. Always got my back. Always keeping it real. Too much love.

And lastly, a shout out to this dude who has made the last few months of 2014 a whole lot brighter! (When did I get so cringe?)

Cheers to 2015 everyone! Lets do this. 


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