Friday, 9 January 2015


Regular sex; always a good thing. The side effects; not so much. 

Who would've thought that such seemingly harmless little circles of innocence could hold so much power. Hormones eh?!

Here's some thoughts I've had daily since I started digesting these badboys two weeks ago: 

1) Why do I feel an irrational urge to eat anything and everything around me?

2) I thought the pill was supposed to prevent pregnancy, not make me resemble pregnant lady.

3) 1000 Activias couldn't beat this bloat. 

4) Extended periods. Oh the joy.

5) My jeans are too tight. 

6) No really. They didn't shrink in the wash and I'm not experiencing the placebo effect. I just got fat. 

7) My poor boyfriend. What if I go crazy and he dumps me for a sexier, thinner sane person. 

8) He's the best. 

9) Brb while I have a little cry for no reason. 

10) Whoever said that your sex drive decreases is cuckoo cray.

11) It's only 99% effective. Oh my god. What if I get pregnant.

12) Note to self: never google medical side effects and spend hours reading through negative forums.  It will not help your situation. 

13) Women are complicated.

14) Don't mess with us. 

15) Someone pass me the wine and chocolate. 

16) Ah, that's better. Choccies and wine solve everything. 

17) I've got this dowwwwn. 

18) He's the best. He's worth these highs and lows. 


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