Monday, 5 January 2015

2014 Reflections & My 2015 Goals

New Year. New Nish. 

I said that last year, along with 95% of the population. 

Looking back at my YouTube video and post on my 2014 resolutions (see here) has been strange and quite frankly, depressing, because not only has it made me miss my long locks, but also serves as a stark reminder that I have failed. Failed to learn to drive. Failed to save money. Failed to travel.

However, I've (sort of) stuck to 3 of the 6 resolutions; I have gymmed 3 times a week (most weeks), continued to develop and write my blog, and am finally starting to get to grips with "eating well", and by this, I mean I have felt less need to 'binge' and yo-yo diet, and am beginning to view my dietery habits as a lifestyle choice. Go me! 

I have also, somehow, against all odds, acquired a boyfriend along the way, and although this was by no means a resolution, I feel that anyone who has been subjected to my endless discussions surrounding 'the one', heard my cries and ultimately seen me embrace the single life like an independent woman (thank God for Destiny's Child), will understand the significance of this milestone. Oh, and FYI, single lyf for the last 4 years…totally my choice. 

Anyway, I wanted to make a list of my goals for 2015 because, well, I always find that writing down a list is a great motivator. This year, I want to steer away from the standard resolutions surrounding weight loss and money goals and make some more personal aims:

1) Learn to drive - I'm taking this baby from last year and carrying it over to this year. I will be behind a steering wheel by December 2015. 

2) Read more books - I don't read as much as I'd like. I am constantly finding new books I'd love to read, but thanks to YouTube and my mild obsession with various fashion / beauty channels which started this year, the publications have become mere ornaments for my pretty plain bedside table. Less YouTube before bed, more reading.  

3) Become more geographically aware - The Christmas period has highlighted just how poor my general knowledge really is, and this does my competitive character no favours. If I lose one more game of articulate / pointless / a pub quiz, I will cry. So I have ordered a world map to stick on my wall. Come 2016, you'll all be begging me to be on your team!

4) Run a half marathon - I've been a keen runner for around 3 years now but rarely run longer than 5km at a time (a mixture of shin splints and disbelief in myself). However, I recently ran the whole of Richmond Park (11.7km) with my auntie, something which I never believed I could do, and now am keen to push myself to run the Richmond half marathon on 22nd March 2015. It's a challenge, but what is life without challenge? 

5) Go on at least one museum trip / theatre trip a month - I live in London. There are a lot of free galleries and museums to be making the most of (and cheap theatre tickets). In 2014, I probably visited about two. This will change.

6) Visit New York - A naive and foolish 20 year old me made my sister a promise that for her 16th birthday I'd take her to New York. Obviously assuming I'd be in a full-time, well paid job with my very own place to live, this seemed attainable at the time. Yeah, young and foolish. But what can I say, I'm an optimist, and by 2016, we will hopefully both have experienced the Big Apple.

7) Develop a new skill - I haven't decided what yet, but I want to try new things. Maybe a dance class, an art class, a course in journalism or coding. I want to continue to learn and develop as a person, and if that means shaking my booty to Beyonce's single ladies or penciling in a naked man's willy at a life drawing class, then so be it!

8) Introduce more structure to da blog - I'm thinking of introducing a weekly post: 'Thoughtful Thurdays'. A post of personal musings where I contemplate and discuss anything from current affairs to inspirational quotes, stories or people I've come across that week. I'm really enjoying writing this little space of mine on the internet and would like to dedicate more time to see it grow and develop by 2016.

SO laterz 2014 and helloooo 2015. I welcome you with open arms.

Again, totally my choice. I mean, getting stuck in the past never did anyone any favours. Except for Taylor Swift. Reliving her roller coaster of relationships has resulted in every girl wanting to be her best friend, every record label wanting to sign her, and every man wishing they could a) be her next 'one' or b) have access to her bank account.



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    Fashion gets Fierce.

    1. Aw thank you!! Definitely- I will check it out now. I love finding new blogs :) X