Tuesday, 2 December 2014

OOTD: Bambi Skirt, Backless Top & Black Boots

Oh heyyy, 

It's been a while and there have been two main developments since my last post.

1) I moved house
2) I met a boy

Finally hitting the life goals people. If only the house was actually mine and not my parents'...

Saturday night ended up with a trip to good old Infernos in Clapham. I wish I could say this wasn't planned...that it was a last resort...that the rest of the high street had burned down and it was literally the only place left...but I'd be lying. I'd also be hiding the fact that I am secretly in love with the place. The top 40 tunes just complete it for me. When it comes to music, the cheesier the better!!! Where else would blast a load of 90s tunes all night long?! S Club, Backstreet Boys...I felt like I was back at the school disco. 

After a chaotic attempt at taxi ordering, (unintentionally) hijacking another persons ride and a declaration that we should be 'brave rabbits and not scared bunnies' (who am I though?), we reached our destination. 

Highlights of the night include:
1) The FISH in their extravagant tanks casually chilling in the middle of the club. 
2) The cocktails bigger than my big O'Connor head. No really...
3) The dance moves. Take that Jagger.
4) The snapchats. I mean, there should be a button that temporarily deletes the wannabe Whitney in me from my story after an alcoholic bevvy or two. But then again, where's the fun in that? 

Outfit of da night: 

I've been really into the whole A-line skirt and knee high boot combo recently (when I decide I like something...I latch, and this is defo the latest victim of my clinging tendencies).

I spotted this beautiful felt bambi skirt on the Topshop website and travelled far and wide to find it (okay...well Knightsbridge...but it's outta ma South West endz!). They had one left in my size. It had to be fate. I urge you to buy it if you find it as it is incredibly hard to track down...trust me. 

No back means no bra (Note to self: step away from the plasters and buy yourself a backless bra woman!!)

I Am Wearing

Top - Asos 
Skirt - Topshop (buy here)
Boots - Miss Selfridge (buy here)
Watch - Michael Kors (buy here)
Bag - Michael Kors (buy here)
Bracelets - Topshop 
Rings - H&M
Eyeshadow - Lorac Pro Palette 2 'Beige' 'Rose' & 'Plum' (buy here)
& Bourjois in '17 Prune' (buy here)
Lipstick - Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in 'Dark Night Water-Oops' (buy here)
Eyelashes - Tanya Burr 'Girls Night Out' Lashes - (buy here)
Nails - 'Sass Pot' from the Ciate Haute House Collection (buy here)
& Topshop Glitter varnish in 'Klaxon' (buy here)

Special shout out to the new love in my life, my Michael Kors handbag (Soz Kris, I know ya got excited)


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