Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Autumn Metallic Nails

Happy Autumn peeps! 

I say 'happy' because Autumn is definitely my favourite season: it becomes acceptable to drink endless amounts of hot chocolate, wine is warmed and prepared with love, scented candles fill the house and there's always something incredibly inviting about spending cosy nights in by the fire whilst the rain trickles down the windows (a boy to make/share all of the above with would be ideal, but ya can't have it all!)

I love the transition from Autumn to Winter, when the sun (or lack of if you live in England like me) is tiring and the crisp, cold mornings have a certain appeal about them. 

Autumn means we're one step closer to winter baby (sung in the tune of 'one step closer' by S Club Juniors...who remembers that song?!) ...and one step closer to winter means one step closer to Christmas! There I said it, and no, it's not too early. Let's not pretend I'm the only one who's been rocking their Christmas PJ bottoms from last year (my particular red and white snowflake patterned pair from Primark might just be the comfiest thing since The White Company's duvet range).  

Autumn also means that I get to change up my makeup and wardrobe, which excites me greatly. After a recommendation from one of my fave YouTubers/bloggers Anna (Vivianna Does her, she's hilarious and awesome), I knew I had to purchase Ciate's Haute House Collection, a selection of five miniature metallic nail varnishes which, when combined, are Autumn in a bottle. 

The packaging is a plus as they arrived in this little house, each shimmering nail varnish behind a gold-framed window. A perfect adornment to give my room an autumnal feel. 

...where would a girl be without the Sally Hansen Base & Top coat?!

The colours from left to right:

Knee Highs - a deep dark purple
For The Frill Of It - a shimmery gold
Sass Pot - a rich electric blue
Can Can - a metallic forest green
Tickle My Fancy- a gorgeous berry

I am currently wearing them all at once, for two reasons:

1) So I can see which ones are ma faves without having repaint them five times...
2) Because I'm well edgy like.

(please ignore the old woman hands...23 and finger botox a thing?!)

...I think my faves have to be 'knee highs' and 'can can'. 

I love love love the metallic finish. They also dry super quick so if you're as impatient as me when it comes to painting your nails, or are always forgetting that everything and anything becomes your freshly painted nails' worst nightmare and touch something to smudge the carefully constructed buggers, then these are for you! 

Oh, and they only require one coat! Need I say anything else? 


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