Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Notting Hill Carnival: Girls, Glitter & Lots of Gin!

Gooooood morning chumps!

The Bank Holiday weekend is over. The working week has begun. And the streets of West London are reeling with empty cans, undercooked chicken bones, soggy takeaway boxes and colourful banners. This can only mean one thing; Notting Hill Carnival strikes again!

Despite terrible forecasts of torrential downpour, myself, Charlotte & Aggie dug out our rain macs and partied on downnnn.

My makeup/hair theme of the Day: Blue!

OOTD: Pink!

We met some lovely police men who took this birds eye shot for us...

Charl was a very naughty girl...

Michael Jackson rose from the dead...

Charl was reunited with her old flame of 3 years...

"Happy faces!!!"

We danced the streets, stopping at a several places "dropping da basssss". 

The bass was dropped a little too hard on one particular street. I thought an earthquake had hit #oldwoman

Watch out...the cool kids are in town. 

 Matching Asians go #HAM 

Ags was rocking da red theme...her drink even matched. Dedicated to the cause.

We ended up spending most of our time at the same set we were at last year on Talbot road.
Chatting to the same old randoms. 
Dancing to the same old tunes. 
Drinking the same old alcohol. 

Take one:

Take Two: 

Take Three: 

Feeling invinsible in our wellies! (They're also a very comfortable choice of footwear...laters heels...def rocking a pair of wells next time I go clubbing)

Same pose as last year...

Isn't she loooovely? Isn't she wooooonderrrrful? 

Happy wet people.

Too close? 

Soggy wet people.

Aaaaand what would a day out be without a selfie or two? 

And then they announced FREE BEER! The little pink one struggled to make it back...

Bubble man got skillzzzz...

Then the three drowned rats met Aggie's boyfriend Dom and headed back to his for some more drinks, food and the amazing movie that is Divergent! 

My night ended with Beyonce blaring in the taxi and snapchatting with the taxi driver. 
Note to self: you can't and never will, reach the high notes in 'Love on Top'. Or any of the notes for that matter (sorry for anyone who had to hear this). 

I also texted a guy from Tinder saying 'What are you feeling at this moment in time?'
Drunk Nish is weirder than sober Nish. 



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