Thursday, 31 October 2013

Autumn Lust List


This is the first year I can remember where I haven't dressed up as a 'scary' aka slutty devil/ghost/zombie etc etc for Halloween...a definite sign I'm getting old. Instead, I'm spending my evening devouring the chocolates meant for the trick or treaters, catching up on some reality TV, and waiting for my sister to come home and join me in my indulgence. 

Chocolate to me is like blood to a vampire. 

I've also been browsing the net for some Autumn essentials and have composed another lust list (which will undoubtedly grow and grow throughout the next few days/weeks/months!). 

Tartan Trend

Navy Blue Trend

This dress reminds me of my Aztec printed dress from Missguided (pictured below). One of my favourite dresses!

Shoes/ Matching Outfits

Inspired by blogger Niomi Smart! See her blog here- 

I think these cute booties would complete a cute daytime look when paired with this dress from Topshop which I've had my eye on for a while- 

And it contains leopard print...what a surprise!

These beauts are perfect as they are work friendly as well as great for transforming a simple look for an evening out with friends. 

They also come in black-

and red-

The red would go perfectly with my Mink Pink Shirt (recent purchase from the Battersea carboot) and a pair of wet look leggings, which I practically lived in last autumn/winter time. 

I want them all! 

Keeping it Cosy

...who said winter had to be full of dark and dreary colours? (plus, I just love pretty much anything pink).

And of course, winter approaching can only mean one thing... party season is on its way! I am still on the lookout for the perfect party dress. It must contain an obscene amount of sparkles, but also ooze glamour rather than tack. I will post about it when I find it!

Happy Trick or Treating :) 


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