Monday, 14 October 2013

Cake Cake Cake

Evening peeps! 

I know it's been a while since I've done a post...woops. To be honest I haven't been feeling inspired...this may have something to do with the horrible winter weather and lack of monies (which means lack of new clothes) but am going to get back into it, fo def!

So I thought I'd do a little post about one of my favourite be more specific, cake!

It was my cousin Dolly's 2nd birthday a few weeks ago, and we celebrated with a children's tea party; sandwiches, scones, cupcakes (and of course lots of wine...not so child friendly). 

Happy birthday Dols!

My favourite part of the day had to be these AMAZING cupcakes by Joanna Khabaz who runs her own baking business (see website here- Creative Baking). 

Just look how pretty they are!

...almost too pretty to eat...almost

The woman has got skillz in the kitchen!! My tastebuds were in heaven for the best part of the day...I probably had about 6 in total. Oh hey diabetes.

so haps
posing with a ya do

Basically, if you're ever throwing a party; christening, birthday, wedding...or just have cash to splash on some delicious, aesthetically pleasing treats, then Joanna is your woman! 

Must dash as the one and only Made in Chelsea is back on our television screens tonight...I can't contain my excitement.


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