Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Saturdays at Portobello Market

On Saturday, the besties and I decided to venture on down to Portobello market.

Its vibrant and colourful atmosphere and the enticing smells of incence, Middle Eastern foods, sweet sugary crepes and the spices of Asian cuisines make it irresistible, especially if our senses have anything to do with it!

Not only this, but the market is buzzing with pretty jewellery stands, vintage gems, and clothes stalls selling items which mimick the high street items for half the price...so you'd be a very silly sausage not to spare a visit! (Unintented tongue twister there).  

Jewels, jewels and more jewels...so much gold! Jack Sparrow would be in his element.

Knuckledusters turn fashionable!

I actually really liked this little gold clutch, but knowing me, thought it best to leave it as I could do some considerable damage with this on a night out!! (Accidental damage, of course).

 Flowers + pastels + statement necklaces. What's not to love?

When I have baby Nish's, I am definitely purchasing some of these little booties for them. How adorable are they? I want them all!

Unfortunately, they didn't have my size, but if they did, I can definitely see myself rocking the Winnie the Pooh pair (in the bottom left corner).

I was eyeing up this dress a few months back in Topshop...I particularly loved the fuchsia one (just like below) but couldn't justify the price. This replica was considerably cheaper and almost identical!

These jumpers are also just like Topshop's range of cropped pastel jumpers, so if you can't afford the High Street beauties, then Portobello is the place to go mofos.

Pretty pearl earrings for £3 a pair...apparently you can tell a pearl is real if it feels rough when you rub it against another hard object. Fact.

Also, pearls don't come from oysters (I thought they did up until Sunday). Fact two.

There ya go, you learn something(s) new every day!

My babes are everywhere...

Note the yellow rubber ducky just minding his own business on the side...

OUCH! Poor ducky goes splat...

We also came across INCENSE...and I became obsessed with the 'Gingerbread' stick. It literally smelt of...well, gingerbread, and I wanted to eat it. I never thought I'd say this, but after inhaling the sweet smells at the stall for 15 minutes straight, I probably would eat Gingy the Gingerbread Man from Shrek. To all Gingy/Shrek fans, I'm sorry okay! 

We found this 'local' market man casually busting some moves...

and then he took me to the floor...and literally wiped the floor with me. To conclude, I can't dance.

A man was offering 'Free Healing' sessions. At first I thought we should approach - the word free being the stand out word here. However, it soon became apparent that the man offering these complimentary sessions was nothing more than a drunk drinking a can of K, 'in pure daylight' as Ags pointed out, clearly trying to get in touch with his spiritual side...so we sensibly decided to walk on.

Now these little sticks of potato were everywhere. Essentially, they're nothing more than crisps on a stick and at £4 per one, I think I'd rather stick to a packet of Kettle Chips (sweet chilli & sour cream, the superior flavour) from the newsagent, thanks!


We then went to the cutest little rooftop bar/restaurant called the Garden & Grill, where we drank wine in the sunshine...

Ags couldn't miss a photo opportunity with the multifunctional watering can/plant pot.

Working the pastels!

My Pretty girrrrrls <3 

Not a bad view (okay, if it weren't for the colourful flowers, the picture would be pretty crap. Shhhh).

Clearly, we had a whale of a time...

One last thing. On the way back we walked past a shop where Niall was chosen to dominate the window display out of all the 1D members. So of course I took a photo. Take that Harry. 

All in all, a lovely way to spend a sunny Saturday in London! I highly recommend you all to get off yo asses and do the same some time soon.



  1. Looking gorgeous Nishy!!! I love Aggie's glasses as well! xxx

  2. Thanks Asian twinny! Let's do something similar on your return to London Town. Xxx

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