Monday, 17 February 2014

My Valentines 'Love Story'

Valentines Day...a day which most certainly divides the human population. For singles, it's a painful reminder that you're alone, and for those in a relationship, it's a chance to prove how much you love your partner. Romantics like me love the idea, while pessimists view it as one big gimick. One thing I know for sure is that it's every card shops dream!

This year was the first Valentines I've spent with a boy (I don't count the last minute less-than-romantic meal I spent with my ex in Zizzi, which ended in a standard explosive row). I took my spontaneity and rash decision making to a whole new level when I booked flights to Dublin to see Mr. Irish who I'd met in Thailand travelling three summers ago. 

Little did I know that by the end of it, the phrase to be "treated like a princess" would be one I could relate to (princess Jasmine, if I had to choose). 

Rather like a scene from Love Actually, I was greeted at the airport with the biggest and most beautiful bunch of red roses I've ever seen, shortly followed by my favourite chocolate strategically placed in the car door! 

After a class-A lunch with his parents down at his local pub, we spent the day at the Guinness Storehouse where I experienced my first ever Guinness brownie (ridiculously disappointing if you're a Guinness fan as it tasted nothing like the stereotypically Irish drink, but mouth-wateringly tasty to a chocoholic like was a brownie, after all). Oh and yes, my 'sugar free' month was put on hold. 

Facts of the day: 

Arthur Guinness had 21 children...all I can say is I feel sorry for his wife's poor lady parts.
The brewing process used to take 5 weeks, now takes just 5 days. 
There's a way to drink Guinness big gulps, and big gulps only. My attempt at this was poor to say the least.
'The Guinness Diet': if you're looking to pile on the pounds then this drink was invented for you!

We ended up at the top bar where we saw The Guinness Storehouse in all it glory...

... Dublin has breathtaking views right? Hmmm. 

And of course we had to have a pint of the black stuff...!

In the evening, we indulged in a three course meal at a gorgeous restaurant where we sat by a log fire. My tummy had a whale of a time, being fed duck, pear and rocket, pan fried salmon and mashed potato, white chocolate cheesecake and apple crumble, vanilla ice cream, custard and of course copious amounts of prosecco and wine. Yum

The royal treatment didn't end there, as I was cooked a very late but well worth it breakfast/brunch which consisted of croissants with bacon, cream cheese and chocolate (no, not all together, although I think that mix sounds quite tasty...just me?), and home made nutella and banana pancakes. Basically, a heart attack on (several) plates, but it was laaavely nevertheless. Oh, and he also watched Mean Girls with me, aka the best chick flick of all time. He must be a keeper!  

Saturday evening I got to experience Dublin night life and am now firmly convinced that the country should have its very own "Made in Ireland", or "The Only Way is Potato". (Kidding!) But I'd be a big fan of an Irish reality show. 
Lesson of the night; never tell a posh Irish person that they sound American. Apparently it's an insult. 

So, I guess the point of this post is aimed at all those cynics out there (including the former me!). As much as I'm a romantic at heart, I never thought I'd get the chance to experience a weekend like this, especially after my Tinder article a few weeks ago in which I pretty much concluded that romance in the 21st century is dead. Yet by some sort of a miracle, I had a weekend I'll never forget. 

Girls, you will have your Noah/Allie moment if you live by this one important phrase:

YOLO 4 lyf. 


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