Friday, 7 February 2014

A Lesson in Adulthood: Fleeing the Nest & Budgeting

Today marks the start of a new & improved Nish for two reasons. 

1. My sister & I have decided to give up all foods containing artificial sugars for one month. Yes than includes all forms of will I survive? Every cheat-eat means giving the other £10, so I'm either going to end up a poor unhealthy failure, or a healthier, richer version of myself...I know which one I'd rather!

I must say, we aren't doing this because we want to lose weight but because we want to feel and be healthier people. We've finally realised that all the sugary, junk foods which we regularly consume leave us feeling lethargic, sluggish and low on energy, or in other words, like a modern day Henry VIII. They also do my skin no favours. So day one, give it your best shot! I love a good challenge.

The best thing about this whole no sugar thing is that at the end of the month (Saturday 8th March to be precise) we're going to treat ourselves in the form of shopping & spending! New clothes for a new me. Shop Shop Shop, shop till we drop. And I haven't been on a big shopping trip in months, so to say I'm excited is an understatement. 

2. This improvement is way more exciting!

On this ordinary cold and wet Friday in London, I made the extraordinary (for me, anyway) decision that I am going to move out! Yes that's right...come March 4th, I will officially be a proud resident of SW12 ("South West London gal", always and forever). 

It's all happened so fast. My best friend Elisabeth Saggers, less formally known as Beth, Bethy, Betty, Sags and my personal fave...titties, is embarking on a similar adventure and leaving her extravagant country pad and travelling lifestyle behind in favour of an exciting life in London. And I'm fleeing the nest and leaving the comfort of my lovely (rent free) family home and my mama's home cooked meals in favour of a beautiful house in Clapham (Cathles Road to be precise, for all my stalkers out there!)

The opportunity only came about yesterday; Beth was looking for a place and her friend from Bristol just so happens to have two double bedrooms available to rent from March, in a five bedroom spanked out house with a garden in the heart of my favourite place. It seems too good to be true...I work in Clapham , I play in Clapham, I gym in Clapham. It only makes sense that I sleep there too, right? 

Anyways, out of several hopefuls, we are lucky enough to have been chosen to fill the bare beds with our crazy selves. Woop woop! 

As positive as all of this is, I am also sceptical. How the hell am I going to be able to afford to live? I can barely get by as it is, let alone with half of my monthly salary going straight towards rent and bills. 

Sitting down with a pretty notepad, a pink pen and my number-riddled head has only served to heighten my concerns, as after taking into account rent, house bills, phone bill, gym membership cost, food budget, makeup / toiletries budget and travel expenses, I was left with a less than impressive fiver for my two arguably most important loves: 

1. Socialising ie. getting drunk, going out, seeing friends 
2. Shopping ie. buying copious amounts of clothes, shoes, jewellery! 

I'm not going to let this put me off though. Instead I've written a list of ways in which I can save

1. FOOD: Shop in Tesco's, not Waitrose. Fuel my caffeine addiction with Kenco's finest instant coffee rather than Starbucks, Costa and all other over-priced coffee houses. Bring in home made lunch to work. And the obvious one...just eat less. 

2. EXERCISE: Join the Fitness First in Balham, which is £30 cheaper than the Clapham Junction one I am currently members of. 

Getting crunk: Predrink. A lot. House parties as opposed to going out. 
Meals: "Voucher codes" is the one. 
Cinema: 241 Orange Wednesdays, always. 
Alternatively, meet a lovely boy who will pay for all of the above...

4. TRAVEL: Walk everywhere. Like I said, my life is pretty much based in Clapham anyway so it's not like I'll need to be paying for transport to Timbuktu and back! 

So for anyone thinking about moving out but worried about the costs, just remember, if I can do it, you definitely can. Life's all about making sacrifices, and it's going to be a challenge, but as I said before, I do love a good challenge. 

As for the pre-planned shopping trip on 8th March, that'll be my last for a very long time. Pinky promise!  

Bring it onnnnn. 


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