Monday, 2 December 2013

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

On Friday evening I fell in love...with Winter Wonderland!

I hadn't seen one of my besties Shane in almost 8 months...and considering we both live in London that is a ridiculously long time! But oh how time flies. 

We met at Wahaca... mmm Mexican goodness...

...before heading to Marble Arch to lose my Winter Wonderland virginity!
(How have I never been before? I'm such a shit Londoner).

We met Santa Claus...he looked less happy than I'd imagined.

Grumpy Santa!

Just chillin' with some mulled fave

Shane- "Opium...?! Isn't that a drug?!" 
I then attempted to teach him the history of opium/the Opium Wars/China. We didn't get very far...

I fell in love with pretty much every food stall. Standard. 

Selfie Central

... because an evening with Shane just wouldn't feel right without a few (hundred) selfies. 

Shane tried to get me to go on this badboy...he must be crazy.

Being launched up and down an immensely tall thing at top speed is not my idea of fun. Ever since I heard of a girl dying on a roller coaster at Thorpe Park, I was put off rides fo life! (Well, at least that's my excuse. In all truth, i just can't stand the butterflies fluttering around in my tummy!)

I reluctantly agreed to go on this ride which speeds around in a circle...and coming from the girl that threw up on the teacups, I feel pretty proud!

This was our experience: 

I have to say that despite being squashed by Shane for the majority of the ride as it flung us around, the dizziness, and the smoke which choked us, it was actually a lot of fun!

Another selfie? Why not. 

Rudolph looked a bit crazy. Rudolph and I would be real good friends. 

Who doesn't love a good sausage...

Say cheeese...

We had such a lovely, cute and festive evening and it's made me so excited for Christmas!! 

I will definitely be going back at least 5 times before it closes in Jan. 

I want to try the ice rink...even if I do usually spend the majority of my time on the floor/gripping the railings. Literally Bambi on ice!

Happpy December :) 


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