Sunday, 8 December 2013

My November Favourites!

Hello, Bonjour, Hola, Howdy!

I've made another YouTube vid! This time of my November for those of you who are in no way interested in woman's clothes...well there's also food, makeup, songs and moisturisers that I want to eat they smell so good. 

The camera was slightly out of focus for a lot of it, sozzz! So I've taken some close up pics of some of the items...

Where's Mickey At?

This is what I was drinking... 


Yes, you heard me correctly. I only bought this on Friday so it's not in my November faves but I love it already and it'll defo be making a daily appearance in December life.

My Quest Bars collection...

Mmmmmm, chocolate brownie in a bar. 

They taste good on their own but these recipes will guarentee an orgasm in your mouth...

Coconut Body Butter...

Balmer's Cocoa Butters...heyyy soft, silky skin


Revlon- Bewitching- 620
Barry M- Yellow Topez Glitter- 351

Hope ya enjoy :)

I'm off to fill my tum with chocolate delights 


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