Monday, 4 November 2013

Boozy Sunday Fireworks

Last night, myself and Charlie ventured to Richmond for the fireworks display on Richmond Athletic Ground. 

Outfits Of The Day 

Appropriately dressed as a firework...

Top- Beyond Retro
Leggings- Next
Boots- Debenhams
Fluffy Headband- Primark
Lipstick- Rimmel Lasting Finish Colour Rush Lip Balm Crayon in 'The Redder The Better'
Standard selfie

Charlie was rocking his autumnal look in a leather jacket and stripey scarf.

Quote of the eve: 'I broke the cardinal rule of getting a jacket that's cooler than I am'

So true. 

To be honest, it's a miracle Charles managed to temporarily remove himself from the comfort, class and city life of Notting Hill to the 'countryside' of East Sheen/Richmond, so I thought it was only right that we made the most of this rare situation. 

A bottle of red to share in The Orange Tree was followed by another bottle, and a basket of chunky chips was washed down with some sambuca shots. By the time we stumbled down at 7pm to the fireworks, they had already started and tickets were all sold out. 

On the down side we missed out on the music and the toffee apples! Shock horror. 
But on the plus side we saved 8 quid and still saw the display from outside the gates...winning? Well not quite. 

looking hip with his hip flask 






Charlie also bought me some flashing glasses. However, he failed to mention that I looked like a class a dick'ed in them...and there was me thinking I looked well cool like. 


The display was short and sweet. 

We then turned to the most reliable of sources, google, for the best pubs in Richmond. The Cricketer just by Richmond Green came top, so we headed there and got even more boozed up...and it was pretty awesome. I'll always have a friend in google.  

Loving life...

Chocolate cheesecake obvs happened.

And then some cheese...

Then back to mine...

Where we harrassed Dora...

Played with sparklers...

Ordered two pizzas (both of which I ate) 

...and passed out on my sofa (or in Charlie's case, floor)

...the sign of a successful Sunday night! 


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