Thursday, 23 January 2014

New Video: My New Years Resolutions 2014

Hey hey hey!

It’s that time of the month again…and no I’m not talking about the one which causes an emotional roller coaster more turbulent than Thorpe Park’s Stealth (I still don’t understand why us women are put through it just as much as I don’t understand people’s enjoyment of upside down roller coasters).

After several requests from my lovely bunch of friends, I thought it was about time I filmed another video…whether they want to laugh at me or with me, I haven’t quite figured out yet, but either way, it would be rude to ignore demands such as “Please do more…you’re actually insane” (thanks Gabster) and “I love it so much…I can watch them on repeat and not get bored” (thanks Katy).

The way I see it, January is renowned for two things:

1) January blues; the depressive, melancholy state we often find ourselves in after the Christmas holidays are over.  Phrases such as “I’ve got so fat over Christmas I resemble a pregnant Rhino” and “I’d rather eat my own toe than go back to work” are commonplace.

2) New Years Resolutions; The New Year is often a time for self reflection, and the whole new year, fresh start palaver leads many to try and reinvent themselves for the better.

…and this is exactly what my video entails.

New Years Resolutions often revolve around the following; health, money, social life / hobbies, relationships, work, friends / family, physical environment and personal growth. I didn’t want to over-do it and risk failing every single one, so I picked 6 and rambled about them in a video.

So in my attempt to recreate a Super-Nish, here are my New Years Resolutions for 2014…


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